Pueblo Parent Association

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The Pueblo Parent Association was established in August 2019. It is not a PTA or a PTO, therefore it does not abide to their bylaws.

The sole purpose of this organization is to do informational workshops for parents and fundraisers to assist with essential needs and activities that may benefit students and the school.

a) All fundraisers shall be approved by the board.
b) Coordinator and board members will identify any needs.
c) Board members will vote to approve any function that requires funds from PPA. (Coordinator will not vote)

Responsibilities for School Coordinators
a) Organize the beginning of the year meeting to elect a new board (if necessary)
b) Monitor meetings and activities organize by PPA.
c) Contact all guest speakers for workshops and/or classes
d) Publicize workshops thru school media, marquee, text messages and flyers.
e) Make facility reservations and/or provide equipment needed for workshops.

The purpose of this association is to help Pueblo High School with family engagement events.

For more information, contact Mario Matanza by email.

2021-2022 Pueblo Parent Association Board Members
Eleanor Sainz
Gina Santos
Elizabeth Ladriere
Julian Mejia