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Jumpstart Your Career!

Updated: 4/30/21

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Our Mission
Prepare Arizona students for workforce success and continuous learning.

Our Vision
Ensure a dynamic workforce by fully developing every student’s career and academic potential.

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  • Jumpstart Your Career

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Dr. Maria Bicknell
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Programs at Pueblo


Students analyze theories and principles of the 4-stroke engine, maintenance and repair of modern automobiles. Classes include safety and hazardous materials handling, mechanical inspection or testing of various automobile operating systems. Learning through written, PC based, and hands-on assignments strengthens the understanding of complexities of the automobile. This is the first step to an exciting career in the automotive transportation career. This is a Pima JTED enhanced program, community college credit may be available and there may be extended day opportunities.



◘ Automotive Technician
◘ Service Writer/Manager
◘ Parts Specialist
◘ Automotive Designer
◘ Aircraft Mechanic
◘ Small Engine Technician
◘ Automotive Sales

Health Sciences


Bioscience students use multiple modern molecular lab techniques such as micro pipetting, DNA extraction, DNA amplification and visualization of DNA on electrophoresis gels to investigate authentic research questions. Classes may collaborate with a research lab to do authentic research-based projects, acquire skills needed to pursue higher education and to enter industry workforce in careers related to Bioscience. This is a Pima JTED enhanced program and college credit may be available.



◘ Clinical Cytogeneticist
◘ Genetics Counselor
◘ Nanotechnologist
◘ Biomedical Engineer
◘ Biochemist
◘ Genetic Engineer


Year 1 Introduction to Computer Science explores computational thinking and programming concepts through project based learning. Year 2 AP Computer Science Principles focuses on fundamentals of computing, problem solving, working with data, understanding the Internet, cyber security and programming. Year 3, AP Computer Science, uses industry standard Java programming language and presents topics built around problem solving. This is a JTED enhanced program. This program has extended day offerings and students may earn college credit.



◘ Software Applications Developer
◘ Computer Systems Analyst
◘ Computer Systems Engineer
◘ Network Systems Administrator
◘ Database Administrator
◘ Business Intelligence Analyst
◘ Web Developer
◘ Computer Programmer
◘ Software Systems Developer
◘ Software Quality Assurance Tester


This course introduces students to the technical knowledge and skills associated with Early Childhood Education, preparing them to understand the physical, mental and social growth of children for occupations in Early Childhood Education. This is a Pima JTED enhanced course and community college credit may be available.



◘ Daycare Provider, Business Owner
◘ Early Education Teacher
◘ Child Development Specialist,
◘ Counselor
◘ Child Psychologist
◘ Preschool Teacher


Film and TV Students analyze the media industry, business practices and the role in the economy, intellectual property laws and rights and verbal, and non-verbal communication skills. Students utilize computer applications, capture and manipulate digital images, and use editing software from concept to completion. Students analyze, evaluate and write for television and film. This is a Pima JTED enhanced program and community college credit may be available.


◘ Independent Filmmaker
◘ Broadcast Journalist
◘ Public Information Officer
◘ Reporter/ Correspondent
◘ Journalist
◘ Broadcast News Analyst


In this course, students explore health related and medical careers. This and is a prerequisite for all JTED Central Healthcare Pathway programs. Upon successful completion, the following pathways are offered: Junior: Certified Caregiver, Health Information Management (JTED Central Campus Hybrid Class) Medical Assisting, EMT, Physical Therapy Tech and LNA. Sophomore: Pathway to Health Information Management (JTED Central Campus Hybrid Class). This is a Pima JTED enhanced course. This course has extended day offerings.



◘ Certified Caregiver/EMT
◘ Health Info Mgmt
◘ Medical Assisting
◘ Physical Therapy Tech
◘ Licensed Nursing Assistant
◘ Pharmacy Tech/Dental Assistant


Marketing students are introduced to the Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship program standards designed to prepare students for employment in various sales, customer service, advertising and promotion, and first-line positions in wholesale, retail, and service establishments. The program enables students to explore, understand, and apply marketing, management, and entrepreneurial principles. This is a Pima JTED enhanced program and community college credit may be available.

◘ Advertising Manager
◘ Media Coordinator
◘ Product Manager
◘ Sales Director
◘ Public Relations Specialist
◘ Market Analyst


Students develop a working knowledge of digital photographic techniques, theory, history, and learn how to use digital cameras to demonstrate their creativity. Students are introduced to digital manipulation techniques and software, including Adobe Photoshop. Students also learn the fundamentals of art, the history of photography and study famous photographers’ works and styles. This is a Pima JTED enhanced program and community college credit may be available.



◘ Photojournalist
◘ Videographer, Cinematographer
◘ Camera Operator, Portrait Photographer
◘ Photo Editor
◘ Photo Retouch Specialist
◘ Event, Sports Photographer
◘ Magazine Advertising