Summer Programs 2024
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General Information
Updated: 5/11/23

All Pueblo student will check-out a TUSD Laptop as part of Kick-Off Week at the beginning of each school year. Laptops include charger & carrying case. Students are expected to bring fully charged laptops to school everyday.

Many teachers can help with basic troubleshooting & password resets. For further troubleshooting or ongoing issues, students can take laptops to Business Office before school, during lunches or after school.

Cleaning & Care
Clean laptop with dry cloth (never spray anything directly on laptop). Respect any TUSD barcodes or asset labels on devices. Adding other decorative stickers/labels is not allowed. Damaged laptops can result in replacement fines.

Lost/Stolen Device
Report any lost or stolen devices to Business Office immediately. 
Return Process
Updated: 6/20/23

Laptop Sample

Before Return: 
  • charge your device to 100%
  • clean laptop with dry cloth (never spray anything directly on laptop)
  • remove stickers, tape, stains, crumbs, writing, etc.
  • wrap and secure power adapter with velcro strap or rubber band
  • empty laptop case and clean outside with damp cloth
At Return:
  • log in to site:
  • verify that top portion of Student Laptop Authorization form is filled out; it will be given to you at check in
Important Notes:
  • We will physically inspect each machine at time of return for sound, camera, keyboard input, cleanliness, etc. 
  • Each student must return the laptop checked out specifically to him/her.
  • Missing parts (e.g., charger) or damage will result in a fine for replacement or repair.  See Cost Associated with Devices sheet for current prices.