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Updated: 8/30/22

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Please have as many of the signatures as possible before turning in to Student Council (Room 256)

All club sponsors must complete online training course 17206  on True North Logic before club can be activated.

Get involved Warriors!
Get Involved!
Gene Balsz
Sponsor: Gene Balsz
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About Club: Self improvement by Bible study. Every person and faith welcomed.
Lindsay Brown
Sponsor: Lindsay Brown
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About Club: Student Council Class of 2022
Dr. Teresa Toro
Sponsor: Dr. Teresa Toro
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About Club: This club fundraises to maintain the after school bookstore, for the end-of-year Gala, and for other enrichment experiences for Academy students.
Sarah Sutton
Sponsor: Sarah Sutton
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About Club: Drama Club will decide the plays for the school year, provide fundraising opportunities, choose competition pieces, and advertise for program.
Imelda Cortez
Sponsors: Imelda Cortez
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About Club: The IAMME club is for LGBTQ+ and ally students who are interested in creating a safe space for students on campus to be their own authentic selves. We work towards empowering LGBTQ+ youth to create change and make an impact on and off campus. Although this club is predominately LGBTQ+ students, those with open minds and open harts are encouraged to participate too.
Imelda Cortez
Sponsors: Imelda Cortez
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About Club: M.E.Ch.A is a social justice organization that works towards the empowerment and self-determination of youth and the community around them. We work to bring a sense of justice, respect, and clarity to social justice issues affecting youth in school and out of school settings.
Jennifer Strovink
Sponsor: Jennifer Strovink
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About Club: The National Honor Society recognizes students who exhibit exceptional character, leadership, scholarship, and service. In practice, we focus primarily on community service.
Dr. Maria Bicknell
Sponsor: Dr. Maria Bicknell
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About Club: Open to Marketing students, is co-curricular, and aims to help the Pueblo student touch on business, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurial skills with a school-based enterprise.
Elaine Straub
Sponsors: Elaine Straub
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Wilma Amaro
Wilma Amaro
Contact Wilma Amaro By Email

About Club: Academic club that encourages exploration of science related projects and community outreach and education. Sponsor of Science Night and in previous years Haunted House. Also gardening in the garden.