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Open House: August 17
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Updated: 7/25/22

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Get involved Warriors!
Get Involved!
Gene Balsz
Sponsor: Gene Balsz
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About Club: Self improvement by Bible study. Every person and faith welcomed.
Lindsay Brown
Sponsor: Lindsay Brown
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About Club: Student Council Class of 2022
Dr. Teresa Toro
Sponsor: Dr. Teresa Toro
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About Club: This club fundraises to maintain the after school bookstore, for the end-of-year Gala, and for other enrichment experiences for Academy students.
Sarah Sutton
Sponsor: Sarah Sutton
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About Club: Drama Club will decide the plays for the school year, provide fundraising opportunities, choose competition pieces, and advertise for program.
Imelda Cortez
Sponsors: Imelda Cortez
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About Club: The IAMME club is for LGBTQ+ and ally students who are interested in creating a safe space for students on campus to be their own authentic selves. We work towards empowering LGBTQ+ youth to create change and make an impact on and off campus. Although this club is predominately LGBTQ+ students, those with open minds and open harts are encouraged to participate too.
Imelda Cortez
Sponsors: Imelda Cortez
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About Club: M.E.Ch.A is a social justice organization that works towards the empowerment and self-determination of youth and the community around them. We work to bring a sense of justice, respect, and clarity to social justice issues affecting youth in school and out of school settings.
Jennifer Strovink
Sponsor: Jennifer Strovink
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About Club: The National Honor Society recognizes students who exhibit exceptional character, leadership, scholarship, and service. In practice, we focus primarily on community service.
Dr. Maria Bicknell
Sponsor: Dr. Maria Bicknell
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About Club: Open to Marketing students, is co-curricular, and aims to help the Pueblo student touch on business, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurial skills with a school-based enterprise.
Elaine Straub
Sponsors: Elaine Straub
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Wilma Amaro
Wilma Amaro
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About Club: Academic club that encourages exploration of science related projects and community outreach and education. Sponsor of Science Night and in previous years Haunted House. Also gardening in the garden.