Warrior Spirit

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Let's Go Warriors!
Updated: 2/15/18

Warrior Fight Song (Printable Version)


Words by Jeannie Miller, Class of 1958

Fight, Fight, Fight for Pueblo
Fight for Pueblo today. 
Proudly we raise our colors blue
As we sing this Praise of you. 

Fight, Fight, Fight, for Pueblo
Fight for Pueblo today, 
Our team is our pride and glory, 
Victory will tell the story, 
Fight for Pueblo today. 

At Pueblo High we're all together, 
We are Warriors everyone
We are proud and true and loyal
We will fight till our battles won Rah, Rah,

Our colors blue we'll all keep flying,
It will lead to victory
With Pueblo High the school behind us,
We'll go down in history!

Words and Music by Sharon Davis, Class of '62

Here is to our Pueblo, 
The school for which we stand
For she, our Alma Mater, 
down through the years has been
And now we raise our voices
as Pueblo High's proud sons, 
Forever will we praise her
'till our life's battle's won.
Audio Files
Warrior Fight Song Featuring Marching Band (2008)
Warrior Fight Song Featuring Marching Band (1962)
Warrior Fight Song Performed By Burney Starks